A genuine Fitchel & Sons wand is an exclusive, highly prized implement which was once well beyond the means of most sincere practitioners to acquire. Today, Fitchel & Sons wands are available to any true seeker. All wands are individually named and consecrated. According to the classic fashion, each wand is crafted from three individual sections of wood, taken from different trees. Creation of the wand is begun during full moon, and completed a month later during full moon. Each bears a winding of hair from the person who crafted it. Fitchel & Sons wands are purified in sage, and no varnish is applied to the tip. Authentic practitioners deserve an authentic wand.



Neither Fitchel & Sons, Lostwood Arts, nor it's distributors, retailers, or assigns, claims these products possess intrinsic, magickal or spiritual properties. Fitchel & Sons wands are ceremonial tools and should be purchased by individuals over the age of eighteen.

Distributed by Lostwood Arts