Questions Frequently Asked

What is wanding?

Wanding is the process of harnessing universal power towards creating the results you desire in your life. It's a proven method for focusing your own intent, calling forth divine energy, and communicating more effectively with interested parties in the spirit realms. Wands are a worldly symbol of other-worldly power because they are a literal connection to the source from which that power emanates. To the mortal, a wand is a focal point, a visualization tool, a physically manifest invocation of spirit energy. To those residing in spirit, a wand is a ringing telephone. The act of wanding separates your intentions from the steady stream of routine wants and wishes to the realm of imperative priority. For all its incomprehensible power, wanding is a very simple, unadorned concept: It is a key, a process for unlocking the spiritual and material treasures of the universe which are now, and always have been, your birthright.


Is it a religion?

While wanding as a term may be new to our current consciousness, it is anything but new to the human experience. As a practice, wanding has been had, lost then recovered by mankind repeatedly over the ages. The wand itself has appeared in many forms throughout history and figures in countless doctrines, dogmas and philosophies -- spiritual and secular -- to this day. Wanding isn't religion. It's a tool for claiming universal abundance.


Can just anyone do it?

Wanding isn't the exclusive property of any specific theology or denomination. There are no rigid rules, articles of faith, or codes of conduct. Its power isn't reserved for the spiritually elite, the financially mighty or politically powerful. It doesn't require vows of silence, acts of contrition, sacrifice or even humility. The wood serves all and is a perfect reflection of the divine power of love which makes it function -- love which seeks to neither discriminate, nor condemn. It performs as well for the Wicca priestess as it does the Presbyterian minister, marketing representative, saint or sinner. While wanding is not tied to any specific religion or ideology, it is nevertheless a belief system. Wanding works. But, it works relative to an individual's belief, or faith in the power which underlies it.



What is the Fitchel Society?

The Fitchel Society is an unheralded group of men and women dedicated to the preservation of Die Ur Methode (the classic fashion) of wand crafting, wand use and spiritual and social enlightenment. The Fitchel ( pronounced fee-shell ) are guardians -- powerful individuals who combine their energies through the practice of wanding to heal the earth and its inhabitants of the religious, industrial, political, social and biological wounds. The Fitchel are strictly non-denominational and include among their number members of virtually every religious and secular ideology.


What is Die Ur Methode?

Die Ur Methode (pronounced: dee uhr meh-toad-ah) is the ritualistically precise method for crafting and consecrating wood for the purposes of wanding. The wood undergoes five steps -- or forms. These represent the five elements of earth, air, fire, water and spirit. Wands are initiated under the full moon and are completed a month later under the full moon. Each is individually named by a Listener. The Listener declares the name for each wand in spirit, but it is the end user, or practitioner, who welcomes the spirit into service of the wood in a brief ceremony called an invocation. All wands are purified in sage and are kept from exposure to sunlight until after the invocation is complete.



What Are The Parts Of A Fitchel Wand?

Kell=Earth / Fondel=Water / Steck=Fire / Lants=Air / Invocation=Spirit

An authentic wand has five parts -- each symbolizing one of the five elements. The wand itself is crafted from three individual sections of wood, taken from different trees. These represent the trinity of mind, body and spirit -- but may also signify the Father, Son and Holy Ghost; Isis, Osiris and Horus; the Goddess, the Green Man of the forest, and the nurturing ground; the moon, sun and stars, etc. Each wand features a winding of the wandcrafter's hair in the Fondel, and no varnish is applied to the Lants -- or tip.

"The five elements represented in the wand both parallel and predict the human experience on earth. As a species of primitive hunter-gatherers, we crawled, walked, ran and rode through our EARTH phase -- spreading nomadically across the habitable skin of the virgin planet. The revelation of WATER brought us cultivation, irrigation, reliable food supplies, language, philosophy, global commerce, and stable societies. Progress, wrought in the belching furnaces of industry, transported man into FIRE on wheels of steel. Today, we dwell in AIR. Our technology, clean, light and efficient, has provided the means to gather the tatters of our fragmented human family into a single, beautiful tapestry -- a global community. We live in an age of marvels where breakthroughs in medicine, science, ideals and ideas leap instantly across continents -- borne on the silent, sudden wings of satellites. All of it serves a purpose.

"And now we stand on the verge of mankind's next and greatest evolutionary leap: SPIRIT -- a day when the application and understanding of spiritual gifts, inspiration, and psychic phenomena will be as ubiquitous, mundane, and ordinary as radio waves, telephones and microwave ovens seem to us now.

"The age of spirit dawned with a single whisper. Very few had ear enough to hear it. Today, voices from around the world are combining to create a chorus of enlightenment, empowerment, truth and love which will one day conquer the most distant and daunting frontier of them all: The human heart. Each of us has our own part to play in this spiritual awakening -- and our own voice to add."

Excerpted from WANDING by Evan Twede



Do You Cast Spells In Wanding?

No. Wanding is a different discipline than witchcraft, although many in Wicca use wanding to enhance the practice of their art. In wanding there are no spells. Rather, you make claims on the abundance which is your birthright. The universe was created for one reason and one reason only: to give us things. The physical universe is a supply system intended to provide spirits the material substance required in order to enjoy an authentic mortal experience. By making your claim, you call forth the spiritual and material treasures you desire.



What Force Makes It Work?

There are energies in the spirit realms called guides or angels who provide personal service to the wood. These are individuals you are very familiar with -- people with whom you've shared countless experiences. They are dear friends -- people as real and meaningful to you as your parents, spouses, and children are here in mortality. Ultimately, the power they utilize in wanding is derived from the same source as everything else in the universe: It's all God.



Can One Join The Fitchel Society?

Again, the Fitchel Society is a non-denominational assembly of practitioners who gather in spirit for the sole purpose of healing the earth, and her inhabitants. Fitchel is not a religion. There are no fees or membership requirements. No tests of worthiness. If you're willing to use your considerable talent and power to bless mankind, you are welcome to join. For information on a chapter near you, inquire at the link below.



If I purchase a Fitchel wand, will I know how to use it?

Fitchel & Sons wands come with an instruction booklet which details the invocation ceremony, as well as basic techniques for wanding. The more extensive WANDING, by Evan Twede, treats the topic of wanding in depth. It is the definitive guide to the practice of wanding, and is the only guidebook endorsed by the Fitchel Society.



What's the difference between an Apprentice Wand and a Practitioner Wand?

The Apprentice Wand is 12" long and is blessed with spiritual limitation which prohibits novice practitioners from making claims which could prove detrimental. It's the "Watch what you wish for, you might get it" principle. The universe is very specific in fulfilling claims made in wanding. It's best to know exactly how the universal law of supply operates before delving in too deeply. The 15' Practitioner Wand features no such prohibitors and is appropriate for experienced users.

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