Welcome to the Fitchel & Sons family.

During the many ages, and under a variety of names, we have practiced our special craft

according to a ritually precise method we refer to as Die Ur Methode. The classic fashion.

This knowledge has endured throughout the generations. And though we are now more open

about certain aspects of wand manufacture, the exact process is still considered sacred and remains protected.


None of us is, or has ever been named Fitchel.

Fitchel (pronounced: Feeshelle) was an alias adopted in order to protect

the lives of wand craftsman during the dark centuries of fear and ignorance. It literally means "acorn."

There is a saying in Fitchel philosophy which states: "As once the acorn, so become we the oak."

The acorn is an enduring symbol of our soul's path through learning to enlightenment, and is an important metaphor.

In olden times, fellow practitioners identified one another by displaying an acorn as a necklace or on a string.

Though today's wands are crafted from simple, unadorned wood -- symbolic of our choice to leave the realms of light and

incarnate in this "rough, mortal, clay," Fitchel wands are often adorned with acorn jewels which hang off the KELL.

Today Fitchel is an organization, a ceremonial society comprised of willing servants who keep the practice of wanding alive.

We bear the name proudly and openly as keepers of Die Ur Methode.


An authentic piece of history and future.

A Fitchel product is an exclusive, highly prized implement which was once

beyond the means of most sincere practitioners to acquire. Today, Fitchel & Sons wands are

available to any true seeker. They are now produced in the new world under exclusive license.


These are the four distinct aspects of an authentic wand. They represent earth, water, fire and air.

When spirit is introduced, the five points of universal energy are complete.


They are simple, unadorned wood.

They are a powerful ally.

Through them, generations of the pure in heart have channeled their spirit energies toward blessing

and improving the lives of all of God's creations.



The very new, very ancient art and science of boldly claiming the life, the love

and the prosperity the universe stands ready to provide you.

By Evan Twede


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