The very new, very ancient art and science of boldly claiming the life, the love and the prosperity

the universe stands ready to provide you.


"So few books are ever written with such a simple purpose in mind.

WANDING uncovers a universal secret in the clear light of day for all of us to share.

Evan Twede has recorded a system of real magick and created an interface to all walks of spirituality.

His text is easy to read and understand, unbiased and nonsectarian.

This book is the kind of gift that one might happen upon in an old trunk in the attic."

-- Steven Repko


Discover powerful wanding techniques.

Why shouldn't you have everything you've ever dreamed of -- materially and spiritually? Who says you don't deserve to be healthy or wealthy or happy or wise or skinny? In all likelihood, the who is you. It's time for a new thought. It's time to realize that you are worthy of all the universe has to offer -- Now.

Wanding is a very simple, unadorned concept. It is a key, a process for unlocking the spiritual and material treasures of the universe which are now, and always have been, your birthright.

Its power isn't reserved for the spiritually elite, the financially mighty, or the politically powerful. It doesn't require vows of silence, acts of contrition, sacrifice or even humility. The wood serves all and is a perfect reflection of the divine power of love which makes it function -- love which seeks to neither discriminate nor condemn. It isn't sorcery, selfishness or sin. It's the way the universe works.

Evan Twede, wanding practitioner and lecturer, shares the secrets for creating positive, lasting life changes through a simple rod of wood.

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By Evan Twede / Lostwood Arts Press / 185 Pages

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